Established in 2004, Bluewater Accounting offers accounting,
bookkeeping, and tax preparation services to small- and
medium-size businesses.. We provide our clients with
complete  support, including bank reconciliations, payroll tax,
sales  tax, and a trial balance. We'll work closely with you to
manage every aspect of your accounting needs.

We also have done taxes for several other countries
(including Guam and Canada) as well we are well versed in
taxes from California. Cindy has over 30 years in
Bookkeeping and Accounting and Sergi has been doing
taxes for numerous individuals, partnerships and
corporations for over 14 years.
Our professionalism and expertise will help save you time
and money.
We'll work with you to develop the best bookkeeping strategy
for your company, no matter how large or small.
We're here to answer your questions anytime.
Our Mission
Deliver global capabilities with
the “local” touch that brings
world class assurance, tax and
accounting expertise to our
clients through enduring
relationships built on genuine
understanding and trust.
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